Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Burrowing owl research

 Burrowing owls are small,they have yellow eyes and white and brown fur. They are usually active at twilight periods. Did you know an owl's wingspan is 21 inches long? They are so small that they weigh six ounces. But they love to eat bugs they prey on bugs like beetles,frogs,mice,snakes,and grasshoppers.  Most burrowing owls hunt there prey by digging a hole or hiding and jump out. Nesting season begins in February to April. Almost all burrowing owls nest in trees or burrows. When burrowing owlets can walk they leave the nest. Burrowing owls are mostly endangered in Mexico and Canada. When a burrowing lays it's eggs she protects and incubates them. Its preditors are humans,bigger snakes,and bigger owls. All burrowing owls need to live a healthy life with a diet. Burrowing owls live up to nine years. They also can lay up from 2 to 4 eggs at once. Burrowing owllets stay with there mom for two weeks then they are on there own. Most burrowing owls live in South America. They lay 12 eggs a year.
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Thursday, December 19, 2013

Book review

     We finished our 4th novel, the Best Christmas Pageant Ever written by Barbra Robinson.  The main characters in the novel are the Herdmans.The way I would describe the Herdmans are mean,rude,nasty and lots more. The one thing that surprised me about the book was that Imogene cried at the pageant and didn't whip her tears.  A few character traits I found in the book are devil,evil,and mean.  My favorite character in this novel is Mom because she didn't quit when the Herdmans showed up.  We are going to read the sequel to the Best (Worst) School Year Ever over break.  I'm looking forward to reading this because I might like it.  I think this book is good because the book changed a bully family into a holly family.  If I could have any of the Herdmans as my friend it would be all of them because they all seem nice after the pageant.

Friday, November 8, 2013

Only if school

                                                               If I could make school fun
                                                               For  lunch we will be having honey buns
                                                               Instead of doing work at school
                                                               We can be chilling in a swimming pool
                                                                If I could make school fun
                                                                I would watch all of the teachers run
                                                                Instead of paying a dollar for a snack pass
                                                                We should be paying a dollar for 5 jet packs.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Shiloh book review

       Today is Thursday,oct 24,2013. We have just completed our second novel,Shiloh. The protagonist in this book is Marty. A protagonist in the story is Shiloh. An antaganist in this book is Judd Travers.An antagonistic in this story is dad. The main conflict in the story is when Marty found Shiloh following him.    
The resolution of Shiloh was when Marty and his family got to keep Shiloh. My favorite part of the book is when Marty earns Shiloh. My least favorite part was when Judd Travers kicked Shiloh. If I could be any character I would be Marty because, he has such a big adventure but, I don't like it when Marty has to work so much. I would recommend every single one to read this book because,it is a good book but  if people just take there time they might love the book.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Walkers's 5th Grade Wonders

Hi my name Travonn and I'm one of the fifth grade wonders.  I  expect  more assignments in the fifth grade then the fourth.  The hardest thing I'd had to do order of operations, but now that I'm in the fifth grade I know how to do them see I will show you   4+4+4(9+12),21+8+4,27+4,=31.If I was the teacher I would change the seats so nobody can talk to each other. The one thing about being in fifth grade at Durfee  Magnet school is Miss Walker, being my fifth grade teacher.The character traits about me is that I am fun person I like to do fun stuff. A good friend is a person who is nice,respectful,kindful,and responsible friend. The MOST important people in my life is my family because they all love me.


Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Welcome To My Blog

Hello my name is Travonn. I'm in the fifth grade at Durfee Technology Magnet School. This year we are  
a class of blogger! We will be using this blog to share things going on in our classroom stay tuned!